Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Just Stopping In To Say..Hello!

Hi Friends,

I had a few extra minutes today and just wanted to stop in to say hello. I've been noticing that a lot of the crafters that I follow and even people I know who don't craft, have been experiencing a bit of a "funk" or lack of motivation/inspiration. I'm no different from them and was finally able to come to the realization that I've been dealing with a bit of depression :(. It makes me sad to admit it, but it has been so helpful for me this week to talk about so many of the things that have been having me down. While I'm still having moments of feeling blue. I am findng that while at work around my students and co-workers, I have very little time to think about the saddening things and I am able to be myself, somewhat.

It has been a huge relief to simply be able to almost self-diagnose what I've been feeling for the past few months or so. While I've been crafting things here and there, it hasn't exactly been to the level and consistency that I had grown used to. My goal in the next few weeks, is to get back to doing and ENJOYING the things that were making me happy and keeping my spirits high.

Thanks for allowing me to share a little bit of myself with you today. I know I didn't share a project. But just simply sitting here and writing this, has taken me one step in the right direction.

Until Next Time...
Big Crafty Hugs!